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Refinancing OptionsWe consolidate your debt by negotiating a new plan with your creditors.

Lock in a rate at at today's pricing to protect yourself against a rise in interest rates. Then... if rates decline, you may do a one time re-lock at the lower rate with no lock-in fee! You may re-lock anytime prior to final lender approval submission at your request! more info.

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NEW Effective 12/4/02 - Fannie Mae Conforming Loan Limits Are As Follows:
1 Family Home - $322,700 2 Family Home - $413,100
3 Family Home - $499,300 4 Family Home - $620,500

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"No Points -No Fee Loans" Available

We put the power of volume buying to work for you!
We are a wholesale mortgage network. We're on line with numerous lending institutions and wholesale lenders. We access their latest rates and fees in "real time" and can literally shop the entire market in a matter of a few minutes to find the lowest total cost package available. You get prices below retail!

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Self Employed - No Qualifying Loans - No Income Documentation available. Excellent or Poor Credit.

FREE live underwriter review of qualifications within 24 hours of submission to assure an ACCURATE QUOTE, not just a computer generated estimated "quote".

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